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QuickBooks Enterprise GOLD Annual Subscription - 4 UserQuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 EMV Bundle w/Merchant Services

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 18.0 4pc Bundle w/Merchant Services

Price: $3 275.00
$1 324.00

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store 18.0 with Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Card Swiper with Intuit Merchant Services Account - MAS

Special Pricing & Offer!

This special promotional price requires activation of a NEW Intuit Merchant Services account through us. This special price includes 60%+ Off MSRP & a Free Ingenico EMV Pin Pad. Limit one (1) Free Ingenico EMV Pin Pad per account.
Products only ship once your account has been approved.

Software/Hardware bundle packages designed to work together

We've teamed Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale software with four "must-have" retail hardware peripherals that work together to help you ring up sales and track inventory quickly, easily and accurately.

The bundle includes following components:

Last Updated: Saturday, 04 July 2020 22:41

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