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12 Rolls Thermal Labels 1.2 in. X 0.85 in.12 Rolls Thermal Hang Tag 2.25 in. X 1.35 in.

QuickBooks POS Cash Drawer (Val-u Line)

Price: $109.95

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Recommended for QuickBooks Point of Sale.

VAL-u Line Cash Drawer provides affordable versatility to any POS System. Built to the exacting standards you’ve come to expect from MMF, this medium duty series provides many performance features in a compact size. Opens automatically when you complete a sale.

ValueLine Cash Drawer Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy, full-size all metal construction
  • Lockable for extra security
  • Dual media input slots
  • Connects to Receipt Printer

Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 September 2019 18:32

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