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QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store 18.0 New User
QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store 18.0 New User
$2 700.00
$1 249.00

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 18.0 ADD A STORE w/Merchant Services
QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 18.0 ADD A STORE w/Merchant Services
$2 700.00

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro 18.0 ADD A SEAT
QuickBooks Point of Sale  Pro 18.0 ADD A SEAT
$2 500.00
$1 049.00

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 18.0 4pc Bundle w/Merchant Services
QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 18.0 4pc Bundle w/Merchant Services
$3 275.00
$1 324.00

QuickBooks 2016 is coming out. What can we expect?

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True to form, Intuit will be releasing the new version of QuickBooks soon.

There have been some changes.

New Bill Tracker You’ll now be able to get real-time data and status of the money that’s going out of your business. You’ll be able to search and sort your bills by vendor, type, or date range, and then take actions such as printing, paying or closing PO’s.


New Bulk Clear Send Forms You can now select and remove multiple documents from the send queue at once rather than having to go through each line item.


Improved e-invoicing You can now send your invoices with a “Pay Now” link and accept any major credit card on the spot. Then once the payment goes through, your QuickBooks data is updated with the payment details downloaded directly into your QuickBooks software.


New Fiscal Year-to-Last Month Report Filter Any report now allows you to filter for a specific date range, making custom reports now a breeze.


New Continuous Feed Label Printer SupportYou’ll now be able to use a Zebra-compatible printer to print single labels on your continuous feed label printer.


Improved Verify and Rebuild Data Process No longer do you need to find the QBWin.log files to troubleshoot the problem when you encounter a data verification issue.  Now, the details of the detected issues for both the Verify and Rebuild process are provided to help you solve the problem faster.


New Auto Copy Ship-To Address (only in 2016 Premier Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise) – QuickBooks now populates the “ship to” address with the customer’s information that’s on file. No longer do you need to manually input the addresses from the Create Sales Order or Create Estimate into the Purchase Order ship to field.


NEW! Filter for Custom Fields in Item Reports Item-based reports will recognize the filter settings for custom-defined fields.


IMPROVED! Upgrade Process Made Easier Upgrading from prior versions of QuickBooks is now easier and includes an integrated backup operation.




NEW! Batch Delete/Void Transactions


Included With: QuickBooks Accountant and all editions of QuickBooks Enterprise (Admin or External Accountant login required).


This powerful and timesaving feature is available only with QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise (all editions). There are many reasons why a bulk delete, or void functionality, could be very useful. For example, your client may have downloaded a large number of transactions more than once, or a new employee incorrectly entered several transactions.

Below is a summary of the functionality available with the Batch Delete/Void Transactions:

  • Transaction types that can be voided or deleted in batch include: Invoices, Checks and Bills.
  • The following general ledger posting transactions cannot be voided or deleted with this tool:
    • Sales Tax Payments (in the displayed screen shot, the row is greyed out)
    • Paychecks
    • Payroll Liability Payments
    • Credit Card Charges / Credits
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • General Journal Entries
    • Bank Transfers
    • Transactions in a closed period
    • Transactions that are linked to other transactions will not void or delete the linked transaction. For example, a bill payment check voided will return the bill(s) previously marked as paid to an Open status.
    • Transactions types selected for Delete/Void can be smart filtered by:
    • Payee including Customers, Jobs, Vendors, Employee and other names
  • One choice from: Entered date, Last modified date, Transaction date
  • All dates, Last 90 Days and a variety of other dates including Custom
  • Users can select all displayed transactions with a single click, or can individually select or deselect transactions.
  • Sort the viewed data by clicking on any of the column headers.
  • Transactions dated on, or before, a closing date cannot be voided or deleted.
  • Integrated backup helps protect data. However, the user can choose a non-standard option to void or delete without creating a backup.
  • QuickBooks provides a Review Batch or Transactions view, depending on the type of action selected. The user can type a Memo that will be added to each transaction. The user can also choose to Close, and not complete, the requested process.
  • Upon successful completion of the requested operation, QuickBooks provides a message listing the number of transactions Voided or Deleted with a link to view or print the Voided/Deleted Transactions Summary report.





QuickBooks Point of Sale v12.0 Multi-store, one setting you cannot fix at this time.

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


It was brought to my attention today ( and I have verified it)  that there is a small issue in QB POS v 12 Multi-store.

In the Company Preferences at Headquarters, you can turn off the setting to allow the selling of miscellaneous items on a sales receipt.

What was discovered is that this setting will remain active at the remote stores and cannot be edited.


Even if you log into the remote store as Sysadmin, or do multiple exchanges, the setting remains checked.

We have notified Intuit about this issue, and we have confidence it will be addressed. And before you ask, No, I don’t know how soon.


QuickBooks Point of Sale 10 in Windows 10.

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


Since Windows 10 was released, we have heard of users that were unable to install QB POS v 10, or run it under the Windows 10 operating system.

While not officially supported, you can have QB POS 10 run, there are a couple of things that need to be done first.


When you try to install the software, you will get a message that the Intuitupdate cannot run.


QB POS v 10 requires a couple of things to run, and Windows 10 has shut these off.

First, you will need to install the .NET framework 3.5

On the keyboard, do the Windows Key and the letter X to open the menu, then choose Control Panel.

It may open in Category View, so I usually switch to Small Icons.

Choose Programs and Features.

On the left, choose Turn Windows Features On or Off.

This will bring another window.

.Net Framework 3.45 will be listed there. Click the small Plus sign next to it and place checks in both of the listed folders.


Continue down the list and place a check in Simple TCPIP services.

Choose Ok, then restart the computer once it has completed.

You should now be able to install, or run the Qb POS v 10.


Thinking of going to Windows 10? You might want to hold off a bit..


Questions on Intuit software? Call us at 800-609-0788!



It happens with everything new. A new software comes out and the kinks have to be worked out.

There are now reports that some people upgrading to Windows 10 have been caught in an upgrade loop, making the computer unusable.


Over the weekend, Microsoft released a  Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3081424). On some computers this is causing the system to lock into a continuous loop, and the computer is unusable.

Today, Sony release a warning not to update to Windows 10 on any Viao systems.

Windows 10 looks like a nice operating system. But I would recommend you hold off doing the upgrade until they have the major kinks fixed.


What is all this EMV stuff really about?

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


First , lets understand what EMV really stands for.

It is the first letters of the three credit card companies that started the “Chip” technology that will be on credit cards later this year.

Europay, Mastercard and Visa.

So why do we need to go to this?

Credit card fraud is an awful thing.

What happens with a chip embedded credit or debit card is, it is inserted into a reader, and the chip creates a unique transaction number for that particular sale. Then it waits for you to enter your Pin number.

Because the transaction number is unique, and you are entering your pin, it is more secure than a magnetic reader reading off the credit card numbers from a stripe.

Now, let’s look at some things that really effect businesses.

The “Chip and Pin” technology does NOT prevent credit card fraud when your card number and expiration are given over the phone, or through a system that does not have the chip reading technology. These are called “Card Not Present” transactions.

One of the things that will effect a business, is if the credit card processing system does not have the Chip and Pin capability.

If you own a business, do not have the EMV compliant equipment, and credit card fraud happens, the store owner is responsible for the charges.

If you DO have the equipment, but the bank that issues the card did not include the chip and pin capability, the bank is responsible for the charges.

As was seen in Europe, which adopted the Chip and Pin several years ago, there will probably be a decrease in the credit card fraud at the cash register, and an increase in the Card Not Present type of fraud. We will have to see how the credit card companies deal with that.

The Chip and Pin technology is not a perfect solution. But it is better than what we currently use.


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QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 Peripherals Bundle w/Merchant Services
QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 Peripherals Bundle w/Merchant Services
$3 075.00
$1 225.00

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro 18.0 ADD A SEAT
QuickBooks Point of Sale  Pro 18.0 ADD A SEAT
$2 500.00
$1 049.00

QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 ADD A SEAT w/Merchant Services
QuickBooks POS  Pro 18.0 ADD A SEAT w/Merchant Services
$2 500.00

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 3pc Software Peripherals Bundle
QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 3pc Software Peripherals Bundle
$3 265.00
$1 699.00

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