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How do I use the calculator on an invoice or receipt in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0?

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In a past article, we showed you how to add the calculator to the icon bar. But did you know that you can activate the calculator while you are in a Sales Receipt or Invoice?

If we go to a field that asks for a qty or an amount, we can turn on the calculator there by pressing the Equals sign key ( =).

This opens a paper tape.

quickbooks, enterprise

In this example, we have to add an additional fee to a transaction.

quickbooks, enterprise

We can setup an Other Charge item for the fee, and leave the amount at 0.00.

When we use the item, and activate the calculator, we will want to enter the percentage as a decimal, since percent signs are not allowed.

quickbooks, enterprise

We can type in the amount of the item, then use the asterisk key (*) for times, then put in your decimal rate. When you hit the (=) equal sign again, it will put the calculated amount into the field.

quickbooks, enterprise

There are a more complete set of instructions in the QuickBooks Help, just search for Use Calculator.

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