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Multifactor Authentication, Coming to QuickBooks Desktop Soon!

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Intuit has announced that in the coming weeks, Multifactor Authentication will be deployed to the QuickBooks Desktop customers.

Many of us have already become familiar with this process, where additional questions or codes are required to access our information.

In a brief statement released by intuit, the following statement was included:

“QuickBooks Desktop customers will begin to experience multi-factor authentication (MFA) when they log into certain features and services. This is an extension of Intuit's effort to ensure customer data is protected no matter what platform customers are on.”

More information will be released as it becomes available.


The Affordable Care Act and T Sheets, These folks just keep the good stuff coming!

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So we are now in the reality of the Affordable Care Act ( also known as ACA, or Obama-care). And there is a lot that goes with the compliance.

Now, before the nervous breakdown, there are several things that have recently come out to help, and a couple of those are coming from the good people at T Sheets.

With no real fanfare, they have given access to an ACA calculator, and even more impressive, an add-on.

It seems as though every time I turn around, they are coming up with another great add-on. This one creates ACA compliance reporting. It will send the report data to a csv file.

While I impatiently wait for the Pebble Watch integration ( Hint Hint guys), I have been using the shift reminder notifications, scheduler, and shift emails to keep me from forgetting my punches.

Now, with an ACA compliance tools report, and access to the ACA calculator, and the great info that is available through their articles, the whole ACA compliance is not a pea-soup fog that you have to crawl through.

Does their information fill in every gap and answer every question?

Of course not.

But it certainly gives you the information to head in the right direction, and ask the pertinent questions for getting the right answers and avoiding problems.

If you have full or part time employees, salaried employees, or contractors, do yourself a favor and check out T Sheets. The time they can save you, and the tracking abilities are well worth looking in to.

And remember, T Sheets will integrate with QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions.

Check out T Sheets, just click the icon.



"Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks, when trying to update Quick

"Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks", when trying to update QuickBooks Enterprise.

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There has recently been a change in updating QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and 16.

Intuit released the following info:

QuickBooks Enterprise Customers with inactive Full Service Plan unable to update to later release

Customers with an active QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan (FSP) will be able to update their QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and QuickBooks Enterprise 16 to the latest release.  Customers with an inactive FSP will be prevented from updating beyond the last entitled release.

Detailed information

What is changing?

Effective with the QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) 15 R6 release and the QBES 16 R1 release, customers with inactive Full Service Plan (FSP) will be able to continue using the program, but will no longer have slip streams, updates or bug fixes pro-actively pushed out via in product messages or via Intuit’s support team. This not a change in policy or a change to our End User License Agreement (EULA), but is a change in our practices. We recognize that this will come as a big change to some customers.

Read more: "Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks, when trying to update Quick


T Sheets has some new stuff!

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Like most people, I am a bit resistant to change. There are some new things I like to try. But in many cases, I prefer to let someone else be the Guinea Pig, and I will wait until the kinks have been worked out  before I jump in.

One thing I will try are new features from T Sheets Time Tracking.

These guys ( and Gals) are always working to make improvements. And the really odd thing is, they really ARE improvements. They make working with the application easier, faster, and better every time I turn around.

I had spoken in the past about trying out the reminders, which are coming into my Pebble Watch like clockwork ( Yes, it’s a bad pun, but I like it).

Now, they have added even more:


Employee Invitations

Now onboarding a new employee is as simple as sending an email! Your new employee will be prompted to set their own username and password, and shown a welcome video the first time they log in to TSheets. They’ll also receive an email welcoming them to the #1 employee time tracking system on the planet.

Automatic Breaks

Formerly known as the #1 requested feature on our product ideas page! If your employees take consistent breaks each day, you’ll love the Automatic Breaks feature. Now you can automatically deduct a predefined break period from employees’ daily timesheet; no need for employees to remember to clock in or out!


Improved Custom Fields

Clocking in and switching job codes just got faster and easier for clients that use custom fields. TSheets will now remember your previous timesheet selections on the web dashboard — a lifesaver if you have a long list of custom fields!


Mobile PTO

Employees can now create and submit Paid Time Off (PTO) directly from the TSheets mobile app! PTO can be entered through the "Add Timesheet" tab with just a touch.

Improved Scheduling

We’re pleased to introduce a few improvements to the Schedule Add-On! Now employees can add their TSheets schedule to their favorite calendar app, including mobile! Any calendar app that supports iCal (.ics) subscriptions will work, including Apple Mac/iOS calendars, Google Calendar, Outlook, and many more! We also improved calendar reminders to include the customer/job code and any notes the manager has entered. No more excuses for not knowing what to do next!


Unlimited Job Codes

Have a lot of job codes? No problem! TSheets now supports an unlimited number of job codes (1,500 codes was the previous limit). To find a job code, just click on a top-level folder to see all codes associated with it, or search for job codes in the new search box!

Featured Integrations

TSheets now integrates with more apps that help you improve productivity! Activehours adds new incentives by allowing employees to instantly cash in on the hours they’ve worked. Results takes businesses beyond CRM through automated processes and improved project management. Flint is the fastest way for you and your team members to get paid with a credit card when using TSheets — no card reader required!

 There is always the standard things to remember, like the QuickBooks Integration, and the great capabilities to track time, GPS, crews, Job Codes and other things that come standard.

And remember, going through us, you get a discount!

So, click on the icon or the link to check out why I am an enthusiastic supporter.




New in QuickBooks 2016 and Enterprise 16- Filter for Custom Fields in Item Reports.

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There has long been a capability to add custom fields to various things, including items.

And while the custom field was offered as a filter, it didn’t really work on item reports.

That has been changed in the new QuickBooks 2016 and Enterprise 16. The capability to filter the item reports by using the custom fields has been added.

Now, some will complain that this was a long time coming. Before we go down that path, let me point something out.

QuickBooks is an amazingly complicated program. Getting the code to work right in a particular area, while not breaking something else is a monumental feat.

So let’s give credit where it is due on this one.

This is a capability that should help those who use the custom fields on inventory and other items make sense of the item reports in short order.

And to the Intuit engineers, Thanks.


T Sheets- and the perks keep coming!

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


I like a program that works, who doesn’t?

I like it even better when it really starts coming together.

T Sheets, the time sheet management system, has done it again.

Today, it’s automatic breaks.

Now, you can go in and setup automatic lunches and breaks, paid or unpaid, for an entire group, or even just one employee.

T Sheets has just announced this, but I have actually been testing it for a while. Like their other add-ons, ( schedule reminders- Thank heavens for those nice little clock in and out reminders that have reduced my missed punches to nothing…) the Breaks add-on shows that they have not only listened to the customers, but have gone a bit above what was anticipated.

The ease of setup, and capabilities to quickly see the breaks you have created, makes it so simple that you almost forget it is there. ( In fact, I had forgotten it..).

This is a group that is constantly working toward an ideal product, and one which I greatly admire for their quick implementations. ( Still would like to see an integration for Pebble watches, hint hint).

So if you have a business with employees, especially a service business, you should be looking at T Sheets to handle the time tracking. What are you waiting for? Click the symbol below, or go to our link: www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal




New in QuickBooks Enterprise 16, Auto-copy Ship to Address from Orders and Estimates to a PO.

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Ok, for years as we did an estimate or a Sales Order, then went to create the PO, we would use a drop down menu to select the ship to address for the customer if we were drop shipping.

Not bad, except for those times where you forget.

In QuickBooks Enterprise 16, there is a new little tweak.


When you choose the option to Create a Purchase Order from either the Sales Order or Estimate screen, there is a small checkbox that is available on the Create Purchase Order from Sales Form window. The checkbox is for Drop Ship to Customer, and placing a check there will pull the Ship To info from the Order or Estimate.

It is also a “Sticky Setting” which means it remembers the setting from the last time it was used.

This should be great for those whose business is primarily drop shipment based.


New in QuickBooks 2016 Premier Accountant and Enterprise 16, Batch Void or Delete Transactions.

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It has been a long time coming. Anyone who has had to deal with accidental duplications or large amount of miss entered transactions knows the pain of having to locate the transaction, edit it, then void or delete it one by one.

It is like the sound of nails on a chalkboard to the accountants and bookkeepers that are cleaning up a mess.

So Intuit has included a new feature in the Premier Accountant 2016, and all version of QuickBooks Enterprise to help ease the pain.

You can now mass void or delete a batch of transactions. While it is currently tied to only three types of transactions,

Invoices, Checks, and Bills, it is a start.

And it requires you to be logged in as the Admin, or the External Accountant to access the feature. A wise choice I think.

Some additional information:

  • The following general ledger posting transactions cannot be voided or deleted with this tool:
    • Sales Tax Payments (in the displayed screen shot, the row is greyed out)
    • Paychecks
    • Payroll Liability Payments
    • Credit Card Charges / Credits
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • General Journal Entries
    • Bank Transfers
    • Transactions in a closed period
    • Transactions that are linked to other transactions will not void or delete the linked transaction. For example, a bill payment check voided will return the bill(s) previously marked as paid to an Open status.
    • Transactions types selected for Delete/Void can be smart filtered by:
    • Payee including Customers, Jobs, Vendors, Employee and other names
  • One choice from: Entered date, Last modified date, Transaction date
  • All dates, Last 90 Days and a variety of other dates including Custom
  • Users can select all displayed transactions with a single click, or can individually select or deselect transactions.
  • Sort the viewed data by clicking on any of the column headers.
  • Transactions dated on, or before, a closing date cannot be voided or deleted.
  • Integrated backup helps protect data. However, the user can choose a non-standard option to void or delete without creating a backup.
  • QuickBooks provides a Review Batch or Transactions view, depending on the type of action selected. The user can type a Memo that will be added to each transaction. The user can also choose to Close, and not complete, the requested process.
  • Upon successful completion of the requested operation, QuickBooks provides a message listing the number of transactions Voided or Deleted with a link to view or print the Voided/Deleted Transactions Summary report.

Personally, I would like to see Sales Receipts and General Journals added, since these are the ones commonly duplicated with users of QuickBooks Point of Sale, but that may come in the future. For now, I think this will ease some pain on data files that need a good cleanup.



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