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QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 does not find a newly entered customer when I search for them.

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It can be a little frustrating. You create a new customer,  and then go on to another task.

Now, when you search for the customer, they can’t be found in the search results.  Why is this happening?

Well, one reason can be that the Preference for refreshing the search information is set to 60 minutes or more.

Here is how to find out, and change it if need be:

Go to Edit, Preferences.

Scroll down on the left side until you see Search.

On the Company Preferences tab, it will show you the time interval that is currently set to refresh the search data. Usually by default this is 60 minutes.


You can set this down, often 30 minutes is a good time period. You could go lower, but you have to bear in mind that refreshing slows down the programs performance, and can cause other users to have a delay in their activities.

Remember that to change these settings usually requires the Admin user, and that to change company preferences, you usually need to be in single-user mode.

But hopefully, by resetting the Search Refresh timing, you will have a little less frustration.


QuickBooks, Enterprise, POS and Online Forums..

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Online or Community Forums can be a great place to get information. Users can share how they use the software, tips and tricks, error messages and fixes, and a large variety of useful information.

But there is one area where questions get asked, that is really kind of dangerous.

It is ok to ask how to fix an error, or change a background color or other mundane things, but you should never ask bookkeeping or accounting advice in an online forum.

Accounting is an area where there are specific nuances for each business, and business type. There is a reason that Certified Public Accountants go through years of education, and are Certified. It is a specialized knowledge that needs to be applied in specific circumstances, for specific reasons.

Following incorrect advice can be costly, or completely devastating to your business. You have to take into consideration that you are asking someone to solve your problem, while they are not there and cannot see your business or financial situation.

You would not walk down a street and ask someone to perform brain surgery on you without knowing that they were qualified. By the same token, you would not casually stroll through a mall and ask anyone to do your books without knowing that they have the correct knowledge and experience. But accounting questions are asked in online forums every day.

The people answering the posts are trying to be helpful, but again, if they get it wrong, are they going to go into an audit with you to explain what happened?

The bottom line is this: Do you want someone you have never met making decisions about your business for you? After all, it is Your Bottom Line that is at risk.


Is your business ahead of the game...or running behind?

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Every day we hear from clients that are looking to upgrade their software. They are constantly shocked at the cost of the software, and usually a need to replace computers to handle the software needs.

There are very few small businesses today that are budgeting in the cost of replacing computers and software.

We know that a computer is only going to last for a few years (Even the IRS understands that the life of a computer is limited). And we know that technology is constantly moving forward.

As time goes on, new features are added to software to make it more usable, and as a result the demands the software places on a system are constantly increasing. And it becomes increasingly costly to the software companies to try to program their software to be compatible with older computers.

At some point, you will need to replace the software your business uses. You will need to replace the computers that run that software.

So the question for the business owners is, are you planning ahead and setting money aside for this expense? Or are you in a situation where the need to upgrade your software or computers is going to put your business under?


QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants Edition 14.0 –fix unapplied payments.

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Many times as we go through our clients data, we see that there have been payments received, that were never applied to the customer invoices.

In some cases, the amounts are coming in from another program, like QuickBooks Point of Sale.

In other cases, it may have been a pre-payment for a later invoice, and the two were never tied together.

Either way, you can end up with a customer that has a zero balance, but is showing past due on invoices, or invoices that are not closed even though payment has been received.

As consultants or bookkeepers/accountants, we would run an Open Invoice report. We would located the invoices and payments, then open the Receive Payments windows and apply the credits. It was a tedious task that ate a lot of time.

With the new QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants edition, we now have a capability to quickly match the payments to the invoices and get them closed out.

Under the Accountant Center, there is a listing for Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits.


This brings up a window, where the invoices are listed on the left, and payments on the right.


As you select the invoices or statement charges, you can then select the correct payment, and hit Apply.

It’s that simple. As they are applied, they  are removed from the list.


QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 COM errors.

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Some people have been experiencing   Com Error’s while working in QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0.

Intuit has been working on a fix for this and has asked that those suffering these errors help with a testing of the R5 update to ensure it resolves them.

Intuit is asking anyone getting these errors to go to the following link:



Please follow the instruction to signup.

It will require you to uninstall the QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 program, and will give you a link to download and install the new R5 version.

As always, make a backup of your data prior to taking any action.

If you are not encountering the COM errors, then going through this process is not necessary, and you will receive the update once it has been fully released.


An old Mac virus is back, and on the rise! QuickBooks Mac users, look out for Flashback!

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Most people consider the Mac to be impossible to virus. While it is a lot more difficult it can still be done.

The Flashback/FlashFake Trojan virus was specifically designed for the Mac. It first appeared in 2011, and is now making a comeback. It adds itself in as a browser add-on and will steal your information if left in place.

Anti-virus companies are stating that as many as 600,000 Mac systems have been infected.

Please make sure your virus scanner is up to date. Scan your system, and then make sure you have the latest update from Apple for your OS. That will prevent the Flashback/FlashFake Trojan from loading.


QuickBooks Users-Microsoft Support for Win XP Is Ending!

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Microsoft has announced that all support for Windows Xp will be ending April 8, 2014.

This does not mean your system will shut down, but it does mean there can be some issues if you continue to use a Win XP system as your main computer.

Microsoft will no longer update the Win XP version of Security Essentials, so you will need to think about replacing your anti-virus/anti-Malware software.

At the same time, all support will be ending for Microsoft Office 2003.

As time has gone on, computer programs have become more complex and needed a greater amount of computing power to operate and be stable. It is not a real surprise that the older Windows version is going away support wise. As time goes on it is harder and harder to add the additional code to make the modern software work with the older versions of Windows. And since those older versions are not being sold, you are dumping engineering time and money into something that has no financial return.

We see this in all software. You reach a point where it just costs too much to work with the older versions.

For your main systems ( the one’s that hold the data) you will be needing to update them to a newer version of Windows. Windows 7 is the closest to Win XP, and the easiest to transition to.

Before biting the bullet to upgrade an aging system, I would have a tech look at the computer to see if it will even handle the upgrade. You may find it much more cost effective to purchase a new system than to dump money into an older computer, whose life may be limited anyway.


Error code 80029c4a when trying to open QuickBooks 2014.

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Why this is happening

Microsoft released an update for internet security that modifies the typelib.dll file that QuickBooks uses.  In some cases this error is caused by a damaged or an incorrect version of the .dll file.

This error may also be caused by an update to the Avast! anti-virus program that was released on 8/5/2013.


How to fix it

If the error started on or after 8/5/2013 and you have Avast! anti-virus installed:

  1. Stop the Avast! Anti-Virus services by clicking Start, select Run (or type Run in the search field), and then type services.msc and press Enter.
  2. Right-click each Avast! service that is running and select Stop.
  3. Restore the prefs.dll file (or other QuickBooks file) from the Avast!! chest folder:
    Windows 8, 7 or Vista: C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast\chest
    Windows XP
    : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVAST Software\Avast\chest 

    The file should be restored to the QuickBooks Program Files folder:

    Windows 8, 7 or Vista: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2013
    Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2013
  4. Run services.msc again and start the Avast! Anti-Virus services.

If you do not have Avast! anti-virus installed:

You will need to uninstall and re-install QuickBooks, this will allow QuickBooks to open successfully.

To prevent this error from occurring again, add Intuit folders to exceptions:

  1. Open Avast!
  2. Click Antivirus on the left hand side and click the File System Shield link.
  3. Click the Settings button.
  4. In the File System Shield Settings window, click Exclusions on the left-hand side.
  5. Click the Browse button at the end of the list and add the following Intuit folders
    • Windows 8/7/Vista:
      • C:\Program Files\Intuit
      • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit
      • C:\Program Data\Intuit
    • Windows XP: 
      • C:\Program Files\Intuit
      • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COMMON FILES\INTUIT

If these steps do not resolve the issue, Perform a clean install of QuickBooks


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