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T Sheets is improving again… Paid and Unpaid breaks can be auto added!

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As time goes on, I am more and more impressed with the folks over at T Sheets.

They could have done a time tracking system and left it at that, but they keep improving the capabilities through additions to the product itself, or with Add-ons.

One downfall that has been in place was the capability to add paid and unpaid breaks, like Lunches, that would auto add to the time cards.

Well, they have done it again.

With their Breaks Add-on, you can automate lunches and breaks, designate where they add by elapsed time, or a specific time, and whether they are paid or unpaid.

They seem to take customer feedback and implement it at a rate I have rarely seen.

Add this to the Reminders for clock in and out, Job Codes, twitter capability, and all of the other features, they just keep improving the system.

What can I say, but to I still feel if you have a business, especially one that has service techs, delivery people, or really any business out there, the capabilities for the program keep expanding, and the reasons NOT to use it keep shrinking.

And did I mention that going through our link can get you a discount? And that T Sheets can send the time sheets data to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and QuickBooks Online?

Did you know that T Sheets can link to Toodledo? Or ZenPayroll? Or has an API to link to other programs as well?

I think this is a real solution for a lot of people, and there is not a reason to do things manually when so much is available.

Take a look, just click on the link:




T Sheets Reminders, How is it going?

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When I had last talked about T Sheets, I had discussed how I was going to try their reminders add-on.

I installed it, set it up and began using it for the start of shift and the end of shift.

Those who know me are aware that on any given day I can so many things going on that if breathing was not automatic I would forget.  I feel like the alarm clock rang in the morning and I was already 4 hours behind.

I thought that the reminders might be able to make some small difference. Well, it actually made a  HUGE difference.

Because the reminders were coming in, and the notifications for the emails were posting on my Pebble watch, I have not missed a start or clock-out on a single shift!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is room for improvement (there always is), and some things I would like to see, (Like a Pebble Watch integration ( hint hint guys).

But for a Beta add-on, this is really heading the right way. I cannot wait to see what the folks at T Sheets bring out next.

 And remember, you can always link the T Sheets time data to QuickBooks for billing and payroll.

Just click the T Sheets image below to see how it can change the way you track your employees time:


Or follow this link: www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal


T-Sheets just keeps on improving.

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I have spoken in the past about T-Sheets time tracking software. It’s great capabilities for performing REAL time tracking for the employees.

It’s ability to link with QuickBooks. How additional add-ons can increase the capabilities, like GPS tracking and scheduling, and to-do lists.

And it seems like every time I turn around they are adding more.

Now, you have reminder notifications for clock in and out.

There is a limited form of notifications that are in the preferences, but there is also a scheduling add-on in works where you can set a persons schedule for WEEKS.

It is a reminder, and even if you set them for a particular job code ( Office perhaps), when they clock in, they can override it if needed ( tradeshow, training, client, jobsite, etc.).

I will be testing this feature and will see how it works.

You should check out T-Sheets yourselves. It could save you a fortune in time alone!

Just click the emblem, or go to our personal linkage port : www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal. Remember, when you sign up through a T-Sheets Pro, you may be eligible for discounts.



QuickBooks Enterprise 15.0 update r-7 is available.

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Intuit has released the update r7 for QuickBooks Enterprise 15.0. Here are the changes as provided by Intuit.

  • Faster, Easier Subscription Feature Setup - We're making to easier to discover and activate features that are included with your Enterprise subscription. Subscription Feature Setup opens automatically when you open your company file. Or choose Help > Set up Subscription Features to open it anytime. To activate any feature in your subscription, just click Start.





* Note: Features shown will vary depending on your subscription.


What's important about Release 7?


Read more: QuickBooks Enterprise 15.0 update r-7 is available.


Still Not Using T Sheets? Geez, are you missing out!

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A few weeks ago I had told you about T Sheets Time Tracking and some of the great features it has.

Since that time, I had decided to really put my money where my mouth was..

If I am going to recommend a piece of software, I really want to be able to recommend it, not just pay lip service. So I have been using it for my own time tracking since we started with them.

I cannot stress enough how awesome this program is!

There has been many a day where I forgot to clock out at the end of the day. So there I am watching TV, and it dawns on me that I am still clocked in, 3 hours after my shift ended.

I open the app on my phone, clock out. Then I open that time sheet and edit the ending time on my shift to the correct time.

Now, not only is my time correct, but there is a record that I had edited that time, and I can put notes on it to explain why.

Don’t want to let the employees edit the time? Not a problem. That is a preference you can set.

Concerned with Overtime? (I am assuming many people soon will be)  There is an add-on for Overtime Alerts that will notify you of employees on the clock beyond their appointed hours.

I would recommend that you consider using T Sheets, no matter your company size. There are great features that can suit a large variety of businesses, and the tracking is amazing.

For more info- click here tsheetspro2www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal.


QuickBooks Enterprise 12, Support is ending. So What? Well….

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Intuit is ending the support for QuickBooks Enterprise v12.

One common thing we hear is, “ Well, I never call support anyway.”

But what does this really for those that have v 12?


No Payroll!

No Credit Card Processing!

No Online Banking!

These are all features that will be discontinued with the end of support on QBES v12.

Here is something else you may want to think about.

When you originally purchased Enterprise 12, the lowest number of users you could purchase was 5. But, what if you actually only needed 1 or 2?

Current versions of Enterprise can be purchased as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 30 user licenses. You may want to change to a number of users that actually fits your needs.

Now, there have been some changes, and not just on the software side.

QuickBooks Enterprise is now an annual subscription.

In the past, if you did not renew the Full Service plan, the software continued on. Now if it is not renewed the software stops working.

It sounds awful, but here is the thing… in order to use payroll and other features of the software, you had to pay every year to keep the Full Service Plan active, then pay for the Payroll subscription, and if you used Advanced Inventory, pay every year for that also.

Now, you choose the features you actually need from the 3 levels.

Silver- the software and support

Gold- software, support, and Unlimited Enhanced Payroll ( no more 2 dollars per employee per month)

Platinum- software, support, Enhanced Payroll, Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing.

What we have found is that in many cases, because of what is included, you save money because you are not paying separately for each of the services.

Another bonus?

How about 1 payment instead of 3 or more to keep track of?

Don’t want to cough up that amount of money at once?

Ask us about the monthly payment plan.

If you have any questions on this new setup, please call us.   This can be a lot to take in, but it may actually be a great opportunity for you to streamline and fine tune your QuickBooks Enterprise program.


Let’s talk time tracking and payroll. Why T Sheets may be a great investment!

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


So, it’s payday again. Time to dig through the time sheets (I cringe when I think about the paper time cards or verifying the time entries each week).

When you have crews that spread out to do work at various clients, like landscapers, construction, pool maintenance and such, this is the time nightmares can be made of.

Sitting in your office, trying to figure out who is where doing what is bad enough on a day to day basis. When it’s payroll time, it can be even worse.

And what if the guys are saying they are doing a certain job, but you’re really not sure where they are. Or a new situation springs up, like a broken line in a client’s irrigation system, which employee is close enough to get over there right away?


Instead of calling around to find out where everyone is, or guessing who is where and when, it would be nice to have a system available that would track that.

There is such a system. It not only tracks who is where doing what, but can even send that data to QuickBooks for billing.

Your employees can clock in from a mobile phone using an app (it will even get their location by GPS when they are clocked in), but they can call in or text in to clock in or out.

Want to know who is where? There is a Who’s Working window that shows who is clocked in, and on what client job.

Have a foreman managing a crew? You can assign the employees to a crew, and the foreman can clock them all in at once.

There are times when we end up not getting the time data we need for billing. We go to create the invoice, and the time data for the job has not been turned in yet. Or, we can’t see the costs associated with a job and move personnel to other jobs, until it is too late.


With T Sheets, you have the time data for billing the second it is completed. You do not have to wait for the employees to bring it in; it is already in the system. This can dramatically cut the amount of time you get to spend crawling through the time data. And it links into QuickBooks for the billing.

In my short time working with T Sheets, I have been impressed with the presentations, support, and capabilities of this application and I would really recommend it to many businesses that we serve.

To see for yourself- look here:




T Sheets Time Tracking and QuickBooks 2015!

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


I recently had a chance to talk with the people at T Sheets.

T Sheets is a time tracking application that can connect to both the desktop versions of QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Online Plus. To say that it is a time clock application is really short changing the capabilities of the application.

It does more than track time and export the time data to QuickBooks. It has a variety of features that include GPS tracking from the mobile phones, a Who’s Working dashboard that allows management to see who is logged in and doing what, job coding , and even text clock-in for those employees without the latest smart phones.

We were impressed by the capabilities of the application, and I think anyone who has been through a time audit would love the reporting capabilities of the software. It can even be configured to be DCAA compliant for those companies that are dealing with government contracts.

We were so impressed, that we signed are now offering the T Sheets application to our clients.

If you are interested, please let us know.tsheetspro2Find Out About T Sheets!


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