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Quickbooks Error Code C=184

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Quickbooks Error Code C=184

What is happening?

This error can be caused in Leap years ( years with a February 29 date) because the date range on the report is not compatible with the date range set by the user.

You would need to manually reset the date range on the report to include the 29th.

In non-leap years, it can be caused by damage to  some of the files the program uses to operate, specifically the .ND and the .TLG files.

In many cases, to resolve the damage in the files you will need to locate and rename the files.

Look in the folder where your data file resides ( F2 on your keyboard will bring the product information screen, it will show the file location).

In the same folder with your company data you will see the company data file name, and two files that end in .ND and .TLG.

Right click each of those files, choose rename, and after the .ND and .TLG, add .OLD.

When you reopen QuickBooks it will form new .ND and .TLG files that do not contain any damage. 


QuickBooks 2018, What’s New This Year.

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 QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Versions have added new features this year. They include:

All Versions ( Pro, Premier and Enterprise)

1. Support Multiple Monitors- QBES now has multiple monitor mode- *not available on hosted ES.

2. Stay logged in- You can keep a user logged in for up to 90 days, so they do not have to login in after switching company files.

3. Add and remove columns on Inventory Summary reports.

4. More secure webmail- You can now send secure emails from Gmail, hotmail/live/outlook.

5. Search the chart of accounts- The COA now has a search window at the top, so you can search by account name or number.

6. Cash/Accrual toggle- Financial reports will now have a Cash and Accrual selection at the top of the report to rapidly change the basis.

7. Past due stamp on invoices- Past due invoices will now be marked for faster follow-up.


Enterprise Only:

Physical Inventory scanning using an MC40 computer or an android app- *requires Advanced Inventory

Manage sales orders- Sales orders are now sortable for prioritizing and filling. This can also use the scanner and the app for more accurate filling, you can even assign a location.

Accountant Versions Only:

Merge Vendors- You can now merge vendors quickly in the Accountant Edition- up to 4 vendors at once- vendors with online transactions, direct deposits, and federal/state tax agencies cannot be merged. ( Note- I recommend that you do not use this feature if your client has QuickBooks Point of Sale conneted to their data. We have seen problems occur when vendors are deleted or merged in POS. In some cases, access to historical voucher, item and vendor information will no longer show on the reporting. It can e common for a POS client to have the same vendor listed more than once, even under different names in order to preserve the historical data.)

We will explore more on the new features in future postings.


Look at what has been added to QuickBooks Enterprise 2017!

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We have been metering out the changes Intuit has included in QuickBooks Enterprise 2017.

Now, let’s take a more summarized look.

  • Scheduled Reports-  Rather than rerunning and emailing the same reports over and over, reports can be scheduled to automatically send. There are some limitations here. You must be in single user mode, and it does not work on systems that are Hosted.
  • Quickly find information- Search as you type has been implemented, along with the capability to search between amounts, and even search by Customer and Vendor Types.
  • Report Customization – Now the report can show the filters applied , and additional selection in the filters improve reporting.
  • Audit Trail improvement- In the past, if a user was deleted, their transactions grouped under Unknown User. If several users were deleted, all of the transactions went to Unknown User. Now, the user name is displayed, even if that user was deleted.
  • Copy and Paste Timesheet lines- you can now copy the entire line and paste it on the time sheet, so you can have faster entry for duplicated information.
  • High Resolution Support- Tired of squinting? The program should now display correctly when you are using higher screen resolutions.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2017, The new Admin tool for switching modes!

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Intuit will soon be releasing QuickBooks Enterprise 2017.

There is a new feature that could prove very useful.


Switching to Single User mode has been a somewhat painful task in the past.

I still have visions of administrators running through the building, telling everyone to “Get out of QuickBooks”. Invariably you had the one employee located in the far reaches of the building that forgot to log out the night before.

Now, Admins can send a message through the program, warning people to save their data, and giving them time to complete their tasks.  They can even include an estimated own time!


What your users see!



QuickBooks Enterprise 2017. Report Customization Now Displayed!

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QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 has a new feature that I think your gonna like!


Many has been the time where a customer would call, discussing a particular report.

They were looking at a report with filtering, but had no idea what the filtering was.

We would spend hours trying to figure out what was filtered.

Now that’s changed.

With QuickBooks Enterprise 2017, it can show you what has been filtered on the report.


This is a great change!


QuickBooks Enterprise 2017- Find Information Faster.

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Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and Turbo Tax, have included a new preference and capability in the QuickBooks Enterprise 2017.


In the past, you often had to know the exact name or item you were working with to get it selected on an invoice or other document.


In the new version, there is a preference to - Automatically open drop down lists while typing.


As you start typing the item name, a drop down list will open.


As you type, the program will display the possible matches. The more you type, the narrower the results get. It is available for all of the transaction screens, and can work for items, accounts, and names.


Have you heard about Scheduled Reporting in QuickBooks Enterprise 2017?

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New for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2017 is Scheduled Reporting.


Many QuickBooks users have to send the same reports over and over again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have those reports send themselves? Automatically?

Now, you can schedule reports in the QuickBooks programs to automatically email out.

quickbooks, enterprise

I like the new feature.

Now, as with any new feature, there are some things you have to be aware of.

It will not work if you are in Multi-user mode, or using a Hosted file.

But if you keep these things in mind, the program will automatically send the scheduled reports to the selected recipients.

One less thing on your plate.


What’s New in Enterprise 17? How about an improved Audit Trail..

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One of the new features of QuickBooks Enterprise 17, is something that was missing in previous versions when it came to determining who did what.


In previous versions , when you ran the audit trail, it told you who had entered or deleted transactions. Unless the users were deleted.

When you had users that were deleted, it would group those transactions under “Unknown User”.

If you only deleted one user, that was fairly easy to figure out. But if you had deleted several old users, suddenly all of the past transactions they made are grouped together under “ Unknown User”.

This has been addressed in QuickBooks Enterprise 17.

Now, it will actually show the name of the deleted user that made the change.




This is a great improvement for tracking information.


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