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QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 Peripherals Bundle w/Merchant Services
QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 Peripherals Bundle w/Merchant Services
$3 075.00
$1 225.00

QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store 18.0 ADD A STORE
QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store 18.0 ADD A STORE
$2 700.00
$1 149.00

QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 w/ Peripherals Bundle
QuickBooks POS Pro 18.0 w/ Peripherals Bundle
$3 075.00
$1 625.00

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 3pc Bundle w/Merchant Services
QuickBooks POS Multi-Store 3pc Bundle w/Merchant Services
$3 265.00
$1 295.00

QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale

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Know exactly where you are making money and where you are not.

  • Stay on top of business with instant reports on sales, customers and inventory trends

  • Save time managing inventory-it's automatically updated with every sale, order and return

  • Work more efficiently from printing price tags to automatically creating purchase orders

  • Keep customers coming back with loyalty programs, gift cards, and personalized reminders

Work More Profitably with Inventory Management

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro automatically adjusts your inventory every time you make a sale, order, or return — which helps you keep the most popular items on-hand without overstocking or selling out.

  • Instantly view what's in stock, what's hot, and what needs to be reordered
  • Record each shipment of merchandise received and Point of Sale adjusts inventory figures with each sale or return.

Inventory features found only in Pro and Multi-Store:

  • Set reorder points and automatically generate purchase orders
  • Track layaways and sales orders
  • Advanced tracking tools for vendors, serial numbers and UPC codes


Increase Sales with Better Customer Data

Track customer contact info and purchase histories automatically. It's easy to stay in touch and use customer loyalty tools to keep them coming back for more.

  • See who your best customers are with instant reports.
  • Track customers' contact information so you can let them know about upcoming sales or new inventory from their preferred manufacturers.
  • Automatically track and reward your best customers with a customizable rewards program that is only available in Pro and Multi-Store.
  • Point of Sale integrates with Microsoft Word so you can automatically create letters to customers.
  • Bring new and repeat customers into your store as they buy and redeem gift cards.


Ring Sales Faster and Integrate with QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks Point of Sale makes the things you do everyday, from ringing sales to bookkeeping, fast and easy.

  • Easy-to-use sales screens ensure you and your employees can ring sales quickly and keep lines moving. Use a barcode scanner to ring sales even faster and reduce errors.
  • Transfer data to QuickBooks Accounting software with a click. You won't have to worry about errors from retyping data and will be better prepared at tax time.
  • Track employee hours, sales commissions, work orders and sales orders - features only available in Pro and Multi-Store.


Save Time and Money Accepting Credit Cards

With integrated merchant service from Intuit, there's no double-entry between your terminal and software and you don't need to buy or lease a separate terminal to take credit and debit cards.

  • Record and authorize transactions in Point of Sale with a single swipe — there is no need to re-key data and risk making errors.
  • No costly terminal or extra phone line needed
  • We offer competitive rates - call us at (800) 609-0788 to learn more.
  • Get up to $500 back when you purchase Point of Sale and get approved for a Point of Sale Merchant Service account.
  • A free pin pad for debit card transactions may be available too. Contact us at (800) 609-0788 for details.


Get the Hardware You Need for a Complete System

With QuickBooks Point of Sale, you can choose from a complete solution with hardware and PC or build your own custom solution with hardware that is guaranteed to work seamlessly with your software.

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale POS Pro Software with Peripherals Bundle - includes QuickBooks Point of Sale POS Pro software plus a Receipt Printer, Credit Card Reader, Cash Drawer and Barcode Scanner.
  • Intuit-HP Retail Solution - includes all of the components of the QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro Software with Peripherals Bundle listed above plus HP's rp3000 or rp5700 Point of Sale System. Touch-screen Point of Sale retail computer systems are available.
  • Or create your own custom hardware solution with QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware. It's guaranteed to be compatible with your QuickBooks Point of Sale software.


Advanced Tools in Pro and Multi-Store

QuickBooks Point of Sale POS Pro contain additional tools not found in Basic to help you manage more aspects of your store and tailor everything to your specific needs.

  • Create custom price tags, receipts, and more, without starting from scratch.
  • Customize vendor and customer fields and even how you view them on your screen.
  • Use Pricing Manager to instantly adjust prices and discounts across products and departments.
  • Reach customers online by creating a web store that integrates seamlessly with Point of Sale Pro or Multi-Store.
  • Manage information for up to 20 stores from one location with Point of Sale Multi-Store and know at a glance how each store — as well as your company as a whole — is doing. Each installation requires a separate software license.

Get Started in Just a Few Minutes

QuickBooks Point of Sale retail inventory software is designed to be easy to set up so most retailers can start using the software the same day.

  • Use the simple Setup Interview to get started quickly and easily.
  • If you already have lists of customers, items or vendors, you can quickly import them from QuickBooks Accounting software or Microsoft Excel to save hours of manual data entry.
  • A practice data file lets you train employees without changing your actual company data. You'll also find in-product video tutorials to guide you through the most important daily tasks.
  • QuickBooks-approved Point of Sale hardware is guaranteed to work seamlessly with your software, making it easy set up your POS system.
  • We offer QuickBooks and Point of Sale installation, setup, training, and on-going technical support services. Additional fees apply. For more information on getting started, contact us at (800) 609-0788.

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