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quickbooks-point-of-saleQuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • Cloud managed - You can manage the business from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • You can run reports, setup automatic sales, adjust prices, order merchandise and manage the employees from any web browser.
  • iPad sales - lower equipment costs for startup businesses.
  • The register takes less counter space than conventional POS systems.
  • Features not available in the desktop version.
  • The new cloud based system is designed with flexibility in mind.
  • It can work in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pizza joints, retail sales, food delivery, bars, and grocery stores.
  • You can setup Age Verification right in the software, and even mark items for EBT/Food stamp eligibility.
  • If the internet connection goes down, thanks to the Hybrid Technology, your point of sale system can keep doing sales, and will synchronize the data once the connection returns.
  • Because the system is cloud based, you do not have to purchase new software when the program gets updated.
  • Updates are immediate, and are included.
  • If you already have a credit card processor, talk to us.
  • It may be that your current processor already can integrate with the revel system.

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