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For years, when it came to an integrated credit card processor in QuickBooks Point of Sale, there has only been one option. You would have to sign up for a QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Account.

There were reasons behind this, things we don’t need to go into. To make a long story short, things came about this way because Intuit was doing right by it’s customers. But it severely restricted what they could do from that point forward.

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Recently, there has been a change. Now, if you wanted to go with another credit card processor, there is a choice available to you.

Mercury Payments has created a new linkage that allows them to directly link and process through the QuickBooks Point of Sale program, and another that links to QuickBooks. We did some of the testing on these while they were still in development, and I must say, I was impressed. They listened to the feedback, and worked quickly and efficiently to bring about changes to make the interface user friendly, and reliable.

I am not going to say that I have not heard complaints about the Intuit credit card processing. I will not say that I agree or disagree with the topics of the complaints. What I will say is simply this, if you are looking at the possibility of changing from Intuit’s service, here is an option to consider. And as always, it does not hurt to do a little research.

My best recommendation is to hear them out, and base your decisions on those things YOU consider important.  As consultants, we are asked to state our opinions all the time. But the one thing to bear in mind is, it is YOUR business. You make the final decisions, you “sign on the dotted line”, and at the end of the day, everything is your choice.

That is what we are offering here, a choice. If you would like more information, please, fill out the form with the best contact information to reach you. This way, we can help to get you the information you need as you go through the process of making your decision.

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